Fire Disaster Prevention and Management

We are authorized Sales & Service distributors for various well-known brands of Fire Fighting Equipments and other reputed manufacturers. Most of the products carry the ISI mark and all the related approvals. Our company is almost 40 years in business.

General Selection Guide

Class Of Fire Types of Fire Ideal For Types of Fire Extinguisher Standard Capacity
Ordinary combustible materials such as Wood, Paper, Cloth, Furnishing & Packing materials etc.
Office, Shop, Saw Mill, Godown, Printing Press, Cinema Halls, Marriage halls etc. Water ( CO2) Type
ABC Type
9/50 Ltrs .
1/2/4/6/9 Kgs.

Inflamable Liquids such as Petrol, Diesel, Oils, Grease, Fats, Paints, Varnish & Chemicals etc. Petrol Pumps, Oli Depots/Storage, Chemical Factory, Laboratories etc. Mech. Foam Type
CO2 type
ABC type
9/50/135 Ltrs.
2/4.5/6.5/9/22.5 kgs.
1/2/4/6/9 Kgs .
Live Electrical Equipments, Motors & Machinery & Cooking Gas etc. Workshop, Switchboards, Generator Room, LPG Installations etc CO2 type
ABC type
2/4.5/6.5/9/22.5 kgs.
1/2/4/6/9 Kgs .


CO2 type appliances are recommended for computer centers and other sophisticated and electronic instruments etc. Refilling facilities for all types & brands of fire extinguishers are available. Homes are well protected by ABC type multipurpose Fire Extinguishers, Price on request. Free survey available at Ranchi.



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