Product :-     High - Rise Safety

Landing / Hydrant Valve

  • Remove blank cap by pulling plunger outward.
  • Connect RRL Canvas Hose by inserting coupling in the Hydrant Valve.
  • Uncoil the hose .
  • Connect Short Branch Pipe nozzle at the other end. Rotate the hydrant wheel anti-clock wise.
  • Hold canvas hose firmly and direct water on base of the fire..
RRL (Rubber Lined Re-inforced) Canvas Hose

  • This is used with Hydrant Valve fitted on the fire pipe line.
  • The length is usually 15 Mtrs.
  • It becomes hard and heavy when water flows through it.
Hose Reel

  • Open the Gate valve.
  • Uncoil the ruber hose to full length (30 mtrs. long approx.)
  • Open the hand control nozzle at the other end and direct water on the base of fire.
Short Branch Pipe

  • This is fitted to the delivery end of RRL Canvas Hose and provides the pressure jet of water.
Hose Box

  • This contains the RRL Canvas Hose and Short Branch Pipe.
  • The key should be available with the care taker.
Fire Alarm System

  • This operates on 12 | 24 Volt DC.
  • During a fire emergency, use hammer to break glass of the Manual Call Point (MCP) box.
  • The alarm will be activated.
  • After the emergency is over, switch off the alarm from stabilizer panel on ground floor, usually situated near the lift | elevator.
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